Orion 2: The Sandbox

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Orion 2: The Sandbox

A new version of the arcade game, from the first features a large number of innovations. Having full freedom of movement, you can learn the huge world of the Orion universe even better. New game Orion 2: the sandbox has acquired a large number of animals wandering around the area during the day, and new monsters that will meet you at night.Its name - a sandbox, the game got it, because it does not have any specific goal and if you do not do the tasks, then you can do everything in the online world of Orion 2, whatever you want. You can explore deep caves, seek and find treasures, build houses, start animals and craft items.Survive no matter the cost !Your adventure begins with the moment when the character leaves the broken space ship. He has no choice but has to learn how to survive on this forgotten planet. First, you need to start building a house, and then go looking for resources to produce tools and powerful weapons for protection. An ax, a shovel, a pickaxe are very important to you. They allow you to quickly receive resources. There is also opportunity to bring down the trees with your bare hands, but such work is ineffective. Day on the planet is calm, but with the onset of the night there are aggressive zombies. In the game, you can choose the gender of the character, change the hairstyle and change the hair color. When you play in Orion 2, it is very important to monitor your health. It is lost not only from zombie attacks, but, for example, from the usual fall. How long can you stay on this planet?


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