Minecraft City Wars

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Minecraft City Wars

As you know Minecraft games are generally built in the city, the house is established, various structures are formed from the blocks. Anyone who plays Minecraft games is already familiar with them. These kinds of games are similar in structure to strategy games. It requires thinking and planning. In general, if you need to summarise it briefly, you will dig into Minecraft games, build something, and try to progress this way. You will build a whole new city in this game. It is not easy to build a city. What did we say? A city where you can find almost everything in its brand-new and give its people all the possibilities! You start work and you go on top speed. You are chasing for months and months and building a beautiful city. We set up the city alone but we have a big problem! The beautiful thing you build is invading urban creatures, and the disgusting, filthy viruses that are found in them start spreading the whole city. What a beautiful city I have established, comfortable, and it becomes a trouble to them! Since the virus is contagious, people in the city do not want to go out of fear of disease. Of course you are getting to work immediately, trying to clean the virus from the city you just installed. While you try to clear the viruses, the creatures do not leave you alone and you have to struggle with the creatures. The aim of the game is to kill the creatures and collect the gold from the top. You're trying to clean up viruses while collecting gold. You should not forget it! Minecraft will make the city more comfortable as it will reduce the risk of viruses in the city so much as it does without creating more of a city building game! You can move with the W, A, S, D keys, with the left button of the computer mouse you can fire to defend your self-defeating creatures more quickly and save the city from the virus threat. Do not be afraid that the bullet will melt! In Minecraft game you have unlimited bombs, you can be comfortable that the bomb will never end.


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